25 Simple Ways To Romanticise Your Life

TIkTok trends come and go but the concept of romanticising your life is one that is standing the test of time. And it’s something we all can - and should - get onboard with. Why? Because it’s about being more intentional and mindful with the small things in our lives. It’s about embracing everyday rituals that bring you joy and peace. It’s about owning the simple pleasures that elevate even the most mundane moments by making them special.

There are so many quotes we could use here to emphasise the point, but we’re going with Iris and this memorable line from The Holiday: ‘You’re supposed to be the leading lady of your own life, for God’s sake.’ It’s so true! So it's time to start believing it and celebrating the most important relationship in your life - the one you have with yourself.



  1. Start your day with a special morning drink. Choose a luxury coffee blend, try a handcrafted herbal tea or elevate your smoothie with some high quality ingredients. The same goes for breakfast - make it special and your reminding yourself that you are special and deserve the best start to your day.  

  2. It’s not just about the ingredients, presentation also matters so set the scene and make your morning routine feel special.

  3. Spend a few minutes at the start of your day just ‘being’, maybe just sitting quietly and appreciating the little things, or stepping outside to enjoy the sounds of nature.

  4. Wear your favourite outfit, taking your time to get ready and enjoy the confidence that dressing in something special brings with it.

  5. Spend time doing your makeup and styling your hair. Just because. And focus on the fact that you’re making this effort for you, not for anyone else. 

  6. Start a conversation with a friend - or a stranger - about something that interests you and share your views. Your opinion matters.

  7. Go for a walk. Whether it’s a short stroll on the beach or a brisk cliff walk, spending time in nature will leave you feeling revitalised and recharged.

  8. Make chores fun by popping on a playlist or listening to a podcast while you work.

  9. Take it further and spend some time curating the perfect playlists for your mood and activities. A walking playlist, one that’s just right for working out and another that lifts your mood when you’re doing the boring stuff.

  10. Pour a glass of wine, or a no/lo glass of something special to savour while you cook your evening meal.

  11. Transform your dinner into a special experience by dimming the overheads, lighting a few candles and playing some relaxing music.

  12. And light those candles throughout the day too, when you’re working, reading or resting. You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to elevate your surroundings. 

  13. Make time in your week for a solo date, whether it’s a walk on the beach, a spa experience or a meal out. It really is a luxury, planning time to do exactly what you want rather than always pleasing other people.  

  14. Buy yourself flowers. You don’t need an excuse, or a special occasion, or to wait for someone else to treat you. You are worth it.

  15. While you’re at it, buy yourself to some new lingerie. It’s not about who sees it, it’s about how it makes you feel. Luxury underwear can make you feel more confident and sexy - what’s not to love about that.

  16. Surround yourself with the little things that make you feel good, whether that’s a plant on your desk or a photo that reminds you of a favourite holiday. If it makes you smile, you need to see it.

  17. Get creative and give yourself a moment of calm by taking up a new hobby, or reconnecting with a creative activity you’ve lost touch with. The wellbeing benefits of enjoying a creative pastime have long been recognised and it’s a great way to fit in some regular me-time.

  18. Schedule a self care moment, no matter how busy your day is. Whether it’s a quiet coffee or a full blown spa experience, make some time to remove distractions and focus on you. 

  19. Use the good mugs, the best china, the expensive wine, the  luxury bed linen, the fluffy towels… you get the picture. Every day is a special occasion, so what are you saving them for?

  20. Turn off your phone and read a book. Spending just half an hour absorbed in a book, without notifications pinging at you can help you really switch off and lose yourself.

  21. Forget multitasking and focus on one thing at a time. You’ll be more productive and feel more satisfied with the results if you adopt a more focused approach and take things one step at a time. 

  22. Try yoga or meditation. Focusing on breathing and physical activity can leave you feeling completely refreshed and renewed.

  23. Journal as a way of expressing gratitude and recalling the little things that made your day special. 

  24. Set yourself up for a good night’s sleep by making your bedroom into a space you want to relax in. Buy new bedding to give your bed a luxury hotel feel and keep the room tidy and uncluttered. Switch off your devices, dim the lights and make your bedroom your sanctuary. 

  25. Be your own best friend. Look out for yourself and appreciate yourself, speaking to yourself with the same compassion and encouragement you would give to someone you care about.

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