How To Prepare For a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep doesn't always come easy for some, but there are some simple steps you can take to improve your evening routine and enjoy a more restful night. Let's set ourselves up for success when it comes to sleep.




1. Go To Bed At The Same Time Every Day

Including weekends. Routine really helps your body. And we know that life sometimes gets in the way with this one, and if you do have the occasional late night, that's ok - enjoy it! But try to get back to your routine the following night and stick to a regular pattern to reap the benefits.


2. Keep Your Evening Routine Simple

If you spend a lot of time faffing with laundry or making last minute preparations for tomorrow’s meeting, you may be waking yourself up. Prepare in advance and when it's time to go to bed, do just that. It’s too late to start tidying your bedroom or changing your bed linen at bedtime. And you know it. Get ready in advance. Keep it calm.


3. Set The Scene 

Make your bedroom a sanctuary where you can rest and escape from the pressures of the daily grind. Keep it tidy and uncluttered, and invest in some quality bedding. Get the lighting right, so that it’s bright enough to read in bed, without being too harsh. If you make your bedroom a space you want to relax in, then sleep should come more easily.


4. The Hour Before Sleep Should Be Quiet Time.

Why not relax with a luxurious bath? Light a scented candle and pamper yourself with some of those bath salts that came your way at Christmas.  Throw in some peaceful music or a good book and you’re set. 


5. Avoid Eating or Drinking Too Much Late At Night.

It’s well-known that caffeine is best avoided at night, but did you know that alcohol also disrupts your natural sleep pattern? And if we eat late at night, our digestive system has to keep working when our body is trying to rest. Yes, our body can multitask, but it’s been working hard all day, so give it a break!


6. Keep Screens Out of the Bedroom

We know this is easier said than done, but try swapping that late night boxset for a good book. Switch back to an old fashioned alarm clock (or sunrise alarm clock!) and leave your phone downstairs for the night. You will feel better without the late night catch up and early morning scroll. Trust us.


7. Make The Room Dark

This one sounds so obvious, but you really will sleep better if your room is dark and quiet. The temperature is also important. Make sure it’s not too warm and stuffy. This ties in with what you wear in bed - choose comfort.


We hope you have a better night's sleep this week!

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