How To Fit More Reading Into Your Life

So many of us wish we had more time to read. But we rarely do anything about it. So many of us never start, distracted by the many other things in life. Chores, responsibilities, Netflix… yup, you know it’s true. Whether you keep meaning to read that latest bestseller or make your way through the classic, or even try that self-development book sitting on your bedside table, here are some tips to fit more reading into your life.


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1.  Set Low Expectations.

If only to get started. If at first you aim to read for just 10 minutes a day, it will add up. That’s 3650 minutes (over 60hrs) a year! Or if you read 10 pages a day, you could complete a 300 page book in a month. You could even set a reading goal on Goodreads - one of our faves! There are two reasons why this works: One, you don’t feel daunted to begin and two, you are more likely to repeat. Plus, you'll likely end up continuing on past the tenth minute or page. Low expectations are easy goals and easy goals mean quick wins and quick wins slowly build confidence and continued habits.


2.  Make The Time.

Sometimes you have to schedule things to make sure you do them. Find a pocket of time to read. Wake up 15 minutes earlier, get in the bed 20 minutes earlier, leave your phone in the office on your lunch break or be early to meet people so that you can read for a few minutes before they arrive. Find what works for you. Rememeber, you are taking the time to do what you want to do.


3.  Read Things You Enjoy and Are Interested In.

Fancy a quick beach read or murder mystery? Read it! Want to know more about nutrition or habit forming? Grab a book about it. Celeb autobiography? Yes! Not loving something - drop it. No judgment. Reading anything and reading about something is a great experience no matter what you are choose. 


4.  Use the Kindle App On The Go.

You don’t have to carry a book around with you. In moments of down time, it can be easy enough to use the time to read a few pages on your Kindle, instead of scrolling Instagram in your lunch break. Perfect for when you are waiting for an appointment, sitting on the bus or outside the school gates.


5.  Switch Between Formats.

Audiobooks are great for walking or cleaning the house, e-books are great on the go (as above!) and paperbacks are good for when you are on a digital detox, on the beach or in the bath. It can mean that you have a few different books on the go at one time, but if you mix genres, say fiction, non-fiction and autobiography, it should be easy enough to keep track.


6.  Turn Your Devices Off.

As much as we love the ease of technology (see above tips!), we have found that when trying to establish this kind of habit at home without distractions, it’s much easier to start with an actual book and not a tablet. It removes the temptation to slip back into a quick scroll on social media. So whether you have a corner in your house where you can read or you take a book to bed to read before you go to sleep, make sure that space is device-free.

Enjoy your reading time! And tag us if you follow any of these tips.

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