10 Predicted Trends You Need To Know About


People use Pinterest to plan for the future. They map out what to do, what to try and what to buy, using the platform as a stepping stone towards making their vision a reality. And, wonderfully, that behaviour gives Pinterest an insight into the global mindset and trends for the year aheadPinterest has reliably called the trends over the past few years - during arguably some of the most unpredictable years in recent times - with an impressive 8 out of 10 of their predictions proving true. So we think there's a pretty good chance they know what’s coming in 2022.

We've picked our favourite predicted trends for you here, from emotional escape rooms to relation-tips, flexercise and staircase gardens, here are the trends to embrace this year. Let's dive in.


Self Love


1.  Making Your Hobby Work For You

Last year people were looking for inspiration, but this year it's time to make that vision a reality and turn your hobby into your dream job. This millennial-driven trend shows that you really can create a small business around your interests, whether that's art, entertainment, beauty or real estate. 

From the practical to the whimsical, the trends range from becoming an estate agent to creating a business based around eyelashes. Searches for 'mobile business ideas' have increased by 100% and 'party rental business ideas' are up by over 95%. So whatever your passion, it's time to turn your pastime into a lucrative side hustle or maybe even a full-time freelance profession.


2.  Transforming Your Relationships

This year well be looking for a more conscious way to relate to our partners, our loved ones... and ourselves.  People of all ages will be looking at their friendship dynamics and attachments styles in the search for more meaningful relationships. 

We're looking for ways to set healthy boundaries and thinking about how to ask those uncomfortable relationship questions. Searches for healthy marriage tips have increased by +190% and there's been a rise of +115% for couples counselling worksheets as we look to get the most from our relationships in 2022.


3.  Focusing on Flexercise

This year Pinterest predicts that people of all ages will fall in love with more mellow ways to move their bodies, as movement becomes more gentle and mindful, and we see low impact activity replace high intensity exercise. This is something we can get on board with - being kind to yourself.

The top flexercise search trends include walking in nature, daily stretching routines and simple dance moves. There's even been a rise of +135% in searches for 'lazy workouts you can do in bed'! We appreciate the intention there even from the pillow.


4.  Bringing Nature Inside

We'll be bringing nature into our homes this year, and we're talking about so much more than a few random house plants. We're talking biophilic architecture, where nature becomes a living, breathing part of our indoor space so that we can connect more with our natural environment and enhance our wellbeing.

This will be done through plant design solutions, at home and in the office. Biophilic living room design is also trending, with 'staircase gardens' and even 'floral ceiling' searches on the rise. 


5.  Seeking Enlightenment

Pinterest predicts that we will be seeking more spiritual awakenening this year on the path to enlightenment. Searches for 'aura colours' have increased exponentially (up x36 to be precise!) as we seek to understand our energy frequencies. People are also searching for ways to protect their spiritual energy and raise their vibration levels.


6.  Feeling All The Feels

We're looking for safe spaces to embrace our emotions right now with 'emotional escape rooms' - understandably with the rollercoaster ride we've been on over the past few years. People across all age groups are planning rooms where they can retreat, with searches on the rise for 'tiny library rooms', 'home massage rooms', 'music-themed rooms' and 'crystal rooms' trending. There has also been a rise in the search for 'rage rooms'!


7.  Be Bold, Be Jewelled

2022 is all about feel good, vibrant fashion. Dressing loud is the new dressing down, with people of all genders and age groups driving this dopamine dressing trend. Whether you opt for a 'rainbow dress' or 'electric blue slouchy trousers', the trend is to dress in vibrant oufits and colourful palettes. 

It's also time to bring on the bling! After years of loungewear and staying home, this is the year to embrace the trend for flamboyant accessorising... everywhere!  From 'crystal eye makeup' embellishments to 'pedicures with rhinestones', we'll be getting creative and bringing some glitz and glamour into our lives through creative accessories.

8.  Mindful Menstruation

It's time for us ladies to listen more to our bodies and educate ourselves more on our menstrual health. Millennials are shaping this movement, with searches for menstrual cycle charts up +95% and period care searches trebling. 

It makes sense. If no body is the same, then no cycle is either, and for too long, talking about periods has been a taboo subject. Maybe 2022 is the year that we feel more empowered to have the discussion and become more open about menstruation.


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