Understanding The Lunar Cycle and How The Moon's Energy Affects You

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The moon is beautiful, magical and powerful.  It has the power to move the ocean so there is no surprise that it can have such a big influence in our lives. Working with the lunar cycle is a powerful practice we can use to make positive shifts in our lives by harnessing the moon's energy.  

People have worked with the moon for thousands of years, in ancient times we used the night sky for guidance in all aspects of life. It was used as a calendar, a guide when to plant seeds and when to harvest, for rituals and celebrations and amazingly it was closely linked to women’s menstrual cycles. 

Each stage of the lunar cycle gives its own unique energy.  When we learn to harness this energy it can support us in our day to day lives allowing us to live in a state of trust and flow. 

Moon Globe And Book


New Moon.

The New Moon is an exciting time to set our intentions.  I think of this time like Spring, we plant the seeds of intention in that moment which will manifest into our reality.  

It is time to dig deep and be honest about what you really want to achieve and really connect with the reasons you want to achieve this. You can achieve whatever you desire, you just have to believe it is possible.


First Quarter.

This is a time to be reflective and commit to your intentions, it may also come with challenges.  Challenges don’t need to be seen as negative, they can be used to highlight any adjustments that need to be made.

Looking back on the intentions you set on New Moon, the initial excitement may have passed so ask yourself if this is what you still want.  If so, really commit to the intention and take action. 


Full Moon.

Full moon is a powerful time to tune in with your emotions and let go of what no longer serves you.  It is time to look within, tune in with yourself and release anything that you feel ready to let go of. 

When we let go of the things that do not serve us we open ourselves up to receive everything that does. 


Last Quarter.

This is the halfway point between the intensity of the Full Moon and the exciting potential of the New Moon.  

Use this time as a crossroads to see how far you have come and where you are going to go from here.  Celebrate the wins, reflect on the challenges and make any adjustments needed ahead of the next New Moon. 


Working With The Cycles.

Working with the lunar cycle gives us a powerful tool for self-reflection and personal growth. When we align our intentions with the different phases of the moon we become attuned to the natural flow of life.  It is a reminder that life is a constant cycle of new beginnings and new opportunities which is when the magic really happens! 



New Moon Wellness

Hi, I'm Lu, Founder of New Moon Wellness and my aim is to support people on their wellness and fitness journey.

I believe there is a lot more to wellness than just fitness and a lot more to fitness than just the physical body - our minds and energetic bodies also come into play. Wellness is about thriving and to thrive we need to take a holistic approach.

It can be a minefield to know where to start so I am here to hold your hand and help you claim your own power. Trust me, you have a more power inside you than you could ever dream of.

I can help connect your mind and body and reconnect your feminine energy. My core services include:

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  • Reiki

You can find out more about my services and coaching programmes here.


Find out more with our Weekly Moon Guide, your local guide to the moon cycle and energy in Guernsey.

In partnership with New Moon Wellness

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