10 Reasons To Make Sark Your Go-To For Productivity and Inspiration This Summer

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With more flexibility than ever in the workplace and a rise in remote working, you can now choose how to get the most out of your working day. Regardless of your work situation, there are ways to build a lifestyle that more closely reflects the way you want to live. Whether you're a small business owner, an office worker, a part-time creative, a would-be author or a digital nomad, stepping away from your regular routine can help you to see things differently, be more productive and feel more fulfilled.

And the newly opened Sark Hub is here to help. We recently signed up for the summer for a new place to escape and refresh our ideas. Want to join us? Here’s why you need to make the island’s only bespoke coworking space your go-to workplace, this summer and beyond.



1.  It’s a Unique Place To Be.

With high speed internet access and stations for up to 6 people, Sark Hub is an ideal coworking space for remote working within the Bailiwick. Digital nomads and solopreneurs will find a peaceful, simple environment that nurtures and inspires, with refreshments on hand and a quiet outdoor space if you want to clear your head or make some calls. It’s an ideal place to connect with like-minded people, but there’s no judgment if you prefer your own company - just pop in your headphones and crack on.


2.  It Breeds Inspiration.

Sometimes you need to step away from the distractions of everyday life to think big about your life or to focus on a project that isn't fitting into your day to day. When life gets busy, it can be hard to carve out time to properly think about what you want and how to achieve it. Spending a few hours in Sark at the Hub could be the way to do this. It's definitely working for us. The fresh air on the boat ride over gives you time to clear your head of the ‘noise’ and your Sark Hub session enables you to research, brainstorm and plan without the everyday distractions that could be holding you back.


3. It’s A Good Way To Connect.

The coworking space is an ideal place to network and there's a separate meeting room where you can get together with business partners, colleagues or fellow entrepreneurs to discuss projects and make collaborative decisions. A fresh alternative to the boardroom. Or better still, if you prefer a walking meeting, take a stroll through the lanes, then come back to the Hub to write up your notes and implement your action points. 


4.  It Makes Work Fun.

No matter what your work schedule looks like, there are ways to get stuff done whilst at the same time building a lifestyle with the work-life balance you crave. A day in Sark combines desk time with time in nature with, quite frankly, the best commute ever. At the hub, you can book your space for a day, a week or a month, it's up to you. It’s an ideal way to physically remove yourself from the constraints of regular office life. Yes, there are still calls to be made and emails to be answered, but your day will have fewer distractions and more inspiration, guaranteed.


5.  It Helps With Work-Life Balance.

We're all looking for that elusive balance - and defining whatever it means to you. Whether you choose to include a trip to the Sark Hub as a part of your working week or take time out once in a while for a planning day, stepping away from your usual commute or routine can give you a fresh perspective on things. It's also ideal if you need an office space whilst in Sark for the week, or even tagging on a day to a weekend away. Get the early boat on a Friday, get some stuff done at the Hub, have lunch in the sunshine and be on Dixcart straight after work. Taking time away from the everyday stresses can help you to figure out what really matters for your business… and your life.



6. It’s A Good Way To Focus.

When you book ina day like this, you set off with the intention of getting stuff done. You have a purpose and your mind is focused on the work in hand, whether you have a specific project in mind or not. It can even help to make a dreaded admin day feel better. Head over to Sark to focus on the ‘chores’. Clear out your inbox, review your to-do list and use the change of scene to get on top of things and reset your outlook. It’s got to be done, so why not make it more enjoyable? Or set time aside in a new environment to work on a project away from the day to day. Sometimes it's the only way to fit it in. And a nice way to do it too. Highly recommend.


7.  It's a Great Day Out.

Just give us a quick moment to point out the obvious. Unless you're really lucky, that's not a sentence you associate with work most days. But with a boat trip, a tractor ride, a walk and a friendly host you might enjoy your time so much that you'll forget it's an actual working day. And isn't that the goal for all of us?


8.  It’s Good For You.

You knew we were gonna hit you with some wellbeing statistics at some point. With the increase in digitized working comes a shift from active to sedentary lifestyles, with research showing that office workers spend two thirds of their working hours and three quarters of their waking hours sitting down. The health risks associated with this type of lifestyle are well documented, so it’s definitely time to rethink our working practices. Working from Sark is a chance to switch things up and be more active. Whether you choose to walk up the hill or take the tractor to work, strolling from the top of the hill to the Sark Hub and enjoying a walk for lunch or using the outdoor area for calls and breaks builds more movement and fresh air into your day.


9.  It’s A Working Holiday Option.

If you like to combine work and play, taking a break on Sark and booking into the Sark Hub is a good way to combine your holiday with work. Cycle to the hub for a few hours, then head off to explore or catch up with the family when you’ve cleared your inbox and your meetings are done for the day. It's a win-win.


10.  It Works For The List.

We popped over to the Sark Hub to try out the facilities for ourselves and had such a productive and enjoyable day. The boat trip and the chilled pace of life definitely encouraged creativity. We came up with some great ideas for future development. But as everyone knows, the idea is just the start. You need to get down to work and turn those ideas into reality. Having access to a coworking space - an office away from office if you like - helped us to combine a brainstorming session with a constructive working day, getting lots of actual work done!

Tracey: ‘If you aren’t living your dream life yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t start getting closer today, and we’re convinced that Sark is a manifestation hotspot! We’ve got more trips to Sark Hub planned over the coming months, hopefully we’ll see you there!’

Stefanie: "I love Sark so this was a literal dream day for me. We had a such a good time and really cleared out any stagnant energy in our business. We came back refreshed and with an inbox full of excitement. No joke. See you there!"



Sark Hub Coworking Options

Sark Hub offers Hot Desk options with high speed WiFi, refreshments and use of the outdoor area for just £20, with offers for multiple day bookings. 

The Fix Desk coworking option includes use of a personal workstation with high speed WiFi, free use of the meeting room and printing facilities, refreshments and use of the outdoor area. 

You’ll find detailed information on all the services Sark Hub has to offer here.


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