A message from our sponsor

"We were pleased to have the opportunity to team up with The List and support their Dementia Awareness Campaign this autumn."

"Earlier this year we supported the Guernsey Alzheimer’s Association ('GAA') for the first time when we asked if they would design our Puffin as part of the Guernsey Puffin Parade. Over 6 weeks we got together with GAA members and residents from Greenacres as their design brought the Puffin to life."

"We are also keen to support the important work being done by The List in raising awareness of good mental health and well-being, this compliments our existing support of Guernsey Mind and their Gower Sunrise Walk which takes place each July".

Hannah Boylin, on behalf of Gower

"The biggest help for me is the Guernsey Altzheimer's Association. They work hard with locating brilliant speakers and activities. I have learnt a lot, and we always come home feeling happier from the weekly meetings"

Kathy, Carer for her partner who has dementia, Guernsey

"A person with dementia is still the same person. They may still want to go to the pub or go to the theatre. They just need more support to do these things."

Paul Corcoran, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Older Adult Mental Health Team, Guernsey