8 Ways to Make the Most of the Light Mornings

It’s that time of the year when dawn is starting to break early and the mornings are light and inviting. Why not take advantage of the early sunrise by getting up a little bit earlier and making the most of the extra daylight hours?

Here’s our list of simple suggestions... eight ways to use the extra time in the morning to live life well and get your day off to a great start.


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1.  Make Breakfast Special

We all know how important it is to start the day with a good breakfast… and we also know how easy it is to rush out the door without it! With the lighter mornings, why not throw off that duvet a bit earlier and take the time to enjoy a healthy and relaxed breakfast. Make something special and savour it, knowing that you are setting yourself up for the day with a nutritious and delicious meal that can help you to concentrate better and boost your energy levels. If you’re looking for breakfast inspiration, there are many local experts who share recipe ideas online. Here are a couple of our favourites: Sarah Gale Nutrition and Fuller Nutrition.


2.  Take It Outside

If you just don’t do breakfast, you can still take the time to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee or a tea of your choice in the morning.  Why not grab a jumper and take it outside?  You can enjoy a few minutes of quiet headspace to clear your mind and connect with nature.  Sitting quietly, planning out your day and contemplating what lies ahead can help give you a sense of control and set you up for the day.  


3.  Go For An Early Morning Walk

There’s a different atmosphere when you are out and about first thing in the morning. Things just look and sound different. It’s definitely more peaceful. There’s less traffic for one, and less man-made background noise in general, so the sounds of nature come to life. Whether you’re taking an early morning stroll through town or walking your dog on the common, starting your day with a blast of fresh air helps you to embrace a sense of calm before the storm of the day.


4.  Fit In An Exercise Session 

Why not fit in an early morning workout? This means different things to different people, so whether it's an early morning run, a gym session, or ten minutes yoga in your PJs, it’s all movement. Even with the best of intentions, we can find ourselves running out of steam at the end of a busy day, so knowing that exercise is ticked off your list by breakfast time has got to be a good thing! Plus, it frees you up for social activities in the evening!


5.  Get a Head Start On The Day

Take advantage of a bit of extra time in the morning to get a head start on your day. By prepping your veg for dinner, or just taking the time to plan your evening meal, you’re less likely to reach for junk food if the day runs away from you. A bit of extra time in the morning means you can make yourself a healthy lunch too, or get a few household chores out of the way. Boring? Yes, maybe, but it’s got to be done so get it out the way!


6.  Do Something You Love

Or do you and ignore what we just said - forget about the chores and do something you love! For us, that quiet time before the rest of the world wakes up is a great time to write. No distractions and no other demands on our time, just a peaceful hour to gather our thoughts and put pen to paper... or fingers to keyboard. Whatever your passion, from reading to painting, use that magical hour first thing in the morning to indulge. There's no better way to start the day!


7.  Spend A Minute On You

Spend that extra time getting yourself ready to face the day. You'll know you'll feel better able to cope with whatever comes your way if you're feeling at your best, so spend the extra time on you. Make your shower long and luxurious, exfoliate, use the products that may be gathering dust on the bathroom shelf. Spend time on your hair, your make-up, your outfit.... maybe even fit in a mini home facial or a manicure. Whatever makes you feel great to start the day.


8.  Simply Take A Moment

If you are up and about extra early, you’ll be able to catch the sunrise and listen to the dawn chorus. At this time of year, it’s breeding season for our local birds and they start their day with the dawn chorus, as they try to defend their territories and attract a mate. It's really quite something to experience. They actually start chirping and tweeting just before dawn, and when the sun rises they quieten down as they start to move around and forage for food. Enjoy the sounds of nature to start the day.

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