Full Moon 2

Full Moon in Scorpio

Wednesday 24 April 2024

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How You May Be Feeling And Why.

It might feel like life has been a bit crazy recently, the energy this year so far has made for a lot of change and shake ups! The good news is Scorpio is a fixed sign bringing in some stability. 

Following on from the Eclipse energy a couple of weeks ago, Scorpio is also associated with transformation and moving forward. In order to move forward we must let go of what is holding us back.  

With the Full Moon energy at play it is time for reflection of the past and letting go. In Scorpio, this reflection may involve releasing emotional baggage or attachments. Reflect on what needs to be let go, whether it's an old grudge, emotional wound or patterns that no longer serve your growth.


How To Take Advantage Of This Energy.

Full Moon is always a time to release and let go. Clinging to the past can almost seem comfortable when we are use to carrying it with us but it can also be the biggest thing holding us back.  

Decluttering can be a great way to release the past making room for an exciting future. When we have a clear space at home energy flows more freely. Clear space, clear mind. 

  • Need help? Declutter Box offers a local decluttering support service.


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In partnership with New Moon Wellness

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