5 Ways to Escape in Your Own Home


It's been a year or two, eh? Do you ever just find yourself wishing for 10mins of escapism? Often we plonk ourselves down in front of the tv to escape, but that usually doesn't work as well as we hope it would. Here are five simple ideas to get out of your own head for a while and escape, right in the comfort of your own home. 




1. Create a Spa Experience in Your Bathroom

This is a favourite activity of ours. Take all of the elements of a spa day and DIY it in your own bathroom. Set the mood with soft lighting, scented candles and light background spa music (Spotify & Youtube have long playlists for this). Then draw yourself a warm bubble bath, stick a face mask on, maybe even a hair mask and enjoy. We also like to roll up a towel as a pillow. Take a book with you or simply sit in silence. Absolute bliss.  


2. Turn off Your Phone and Read a Book

If you really want to escape without leaving the house, then you need to switch off from the outside world and the way to do that is to lose the devices. And whilst the separation anxiety is real (we know!), just 30mins without notifications pinging at you whilst lost in the world of a book can really make all the difference. The break from the blue light will help too. And if 30mins feels like too long, try 10 - you’ll probably sit for longer and enjoy it anyway. 


3. Declutter Your Space

Oooh, this feels so good when it’s done! Not only is it a satisfying way to spend an afternoon - time flies when you’re having fun - or at least heavily engrossed in a single task, it’s also incredibly gratifying to get rid of stuff. The phrase ‘Tidy desk, Tidy mind’ springs to mind. When you remove all of the clutter around you - especially when it is essentially a physical representation of your unfinished To Do list - you start to feel lighter. This is how minimalists can appear happier - because they aren’t bogged down by things. Their life is simpler. Isn’t that just the dream?! And remember - that even if the willpower wains mid-task, the determination to finish the job and not sit in the chaos that you have created will get you through. 


4. Try Yoga or Meditation 

It is so easy to turn your day around with a quick flow or 10mins of calm. If meditation isn’t a useful way for you to switch off at first, don’t worry. You could try yoga instead. Focusing on a physical activity and allowing your breath to lead your movement distracts your brain and makes you feel completely renewed after practicing. And that’s the key - both yoga and meditation are practices, not skills. You don’t have to be good at them to do them. Try it.


5. Give Your Bedroom a Hotel Makeover

What do you love about a hotel bedroom? Is it the crisp white sheets? The luxury shampoo? The extra pillows? Maybe even the chocolate on the pillow? Invest in making your space feel like a weekend getaway. Remove the clutter, add a few touches of luxury and create a whole new experience. It’s worth it, trust us.

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