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13 Ways To Declutter Your Home

Out with the old… but forget about it with the new! Less is more in 2021, with focus on people rather than things. Don't you ever just feel like you want to get rid of all the stuff around you to just feel lighter? We’ve compiled a list of 13 things to declutter so that you can  to reduce the amount of stuff that you are holding onto and simply do not need. Run through this list - it will help you to get organised and take back control of your home.

With just a few quick wins, you will start to feel the benefits of a less cluttered sock drawer or a more organised bathroom cabinet and you will be on your way towards a simpler lifestyle. Sounds like a win-win to us.




1.  Clothes

If you haven’t worn that dress that’s hanging at the back of your wardrobe for the past few years  (you know the one we’re talking about!) chances are you won’t wear it again. Give it to a friend or donate it to one of the many upcycling or charity shops on the island.


2.  Storage Containers

There's no doubt that they are useful when you need to store something in them, but they take up a lot of space sitting in that cupboard when they are empty. Keep the ones you need, but don’t hold on to broken tupperware, endless biscuit tins or random lids where the matching tub is long gone.


3.  Unwanted Tins of Food

If you have tins or jars of food in your cupboard that are still in date, but you know you won’t use them, why not share with the OLIO Guernsey community. Download the app and let someone else make use of it - they’ll even come pick it up!


4.  Make Up & Cosmetics

There are so many reasons to clear out your makeup bag from time to time. Mascara clogs up, foundations dry out, trends come and go, your skin’s needs change over time, and the makeup you were using in your 20’s might not be what you’d choose today - let it go! Also, all of this stuff has an expiry date - it's on the packet. Pay attention to it!


5.  Medicine Cabinet

It’s good to be prepared for common health problems, but don’t hold on to medicine if it’s out of date or prescription medication you no longer use. Take it to the pharmacy, the staff there can dispose of it safely.


6.  CDs and DVDs

We all have them but ask yourself, with so many streaming options for music and movies will you ever use them again? Do you even have a CD player or DVD player at home? If not, why are you holding on to them?


7.  Toiletries

Bath and body lotions are such a popular gift, and sometimes they get put away at Christmas and we forget all about them. Dig them out from the back of the bathroom cupboard and use them up.


8.  Cables

Charging cables for the Blackberry you no longer own, USB cables for your old iPhone, connectors for games consoles that are broken or long gone… If you don’t know what it’s for, it’s no use to you. Get rid. 


9.  Coins

Does anyone use good old fashioned cash anymore? If you do, you probably use notes and the change sits in your purse, pocket or is thrown into a jar at home. So what to do with your coin stash? Why not donate to a local charity - there are collection tins dotted all around the island.


10.  Unused Gifts

It happens. You are given something that is just not you. But even though you don’t love that scarf/bag/picture frame, it might be just perfect for someone else. Don’t hold on to it, drop it into a local charity shop. Regift to someone who will love it. As the saying goes, one man’s loss is another man’s gain. 


11.  Cookbooks

Chances are you’ve never even tried the recipes in that cookbook your mother gave you 10 years ago. Do you really need it in your life?


12.  Store Cupboard Herbs and Spices

Remember that jar of dried oregano you bought years ago for a recipe you may or may not have cooked up. Best before 2012? Yup. It’s time to let it go.


13.   Mugs, Glasses and Plates

If it’s chipped, get rid of it. You can recycle glass, old plates and crockery at the Recycling Centre..C. and that's just the tip of the iceberg.  Check out their list of recyclable household items, there is so much you can dispose of responsibly at the Longue Hougue recycling centre.


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