5 Home Organisation Shows To Watch For Decluttering Inspiration

Looking for some streaming inspo to sort your house out? Look no further than the list below.

You’ll be full of ideas of where to start - just don’t forget that you need to.



1. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

You have to start with the original decluttering phenomenon, Marie Kondo and her mission to encourage us all to only have our homes filled with items that Spark Joy. This Netflix series from a couple of years ago is filled with heartwarming moments and tips and tricks from the Japanese guru herself. You’ll never fold a shirt the same again.

Watch the show here.


2.  Get Organised with The Home Edit

We couldnt write this list without Clea and Joanna. The rainbow obsessed pair have taken the US by storm bringing fan favourite Reese Witherspoon along for the ride. We dare you to not be inspired by the way they make systems fun. And encourage you to donate some stuff along the way. 

Watch the show here.


3.  Sort Your Life Out with Stacey Solomon

The queen of Tap to Tidy who just loves a label has her own show on BBC. The second series is airing now, but the first one is bingeable over on BBC iPlayer. Anyone who can keep a house tidy with 5 (almost 6!) children and a thriving career deserves to be listened to, let’s be honest. Stacey started her decluttering and organising journey to  help her to deal with her anxiety - tidying up made her feel calmer. She has now made a pretty successful career out of it and her BBC show is a reflection of her friendly and relatable character, as well as her love of upcycling.

Watch the show here


4.  Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo

Marie is back to encourage people to find ways to spark joy in every area of their lives with this series. She shares some of her life and takes her tips beyond the home and into every day life. Guaranteed to make you smile. And it’s not the only show that inspires an #organizedlife. There are even more here from Netflix.

Watch the show here.

5.  Nick Knowles’ Big House Clearout

There are 3 series of this on Channel 5’s streaming service My5. Nick Knowles is travelling the country helping people to declutter their homes and giving their house a makeover as part of the deal. One interesting part is the estate agent value of each home before and after the declutter. It will open your eyes and inspire you to follow suit. Just maybe don’t follow the skip-filling part - there are much better ways of getting rid of your rubbish here in Guernsey.

Watch the show here.

We hope this list inspires you to get up off the sofa and get decluttering. Tag us over on Instagram if you do.

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