Vivienne Alexa

In partnership with Vivienne Alexa

In partnership with Vivienne Alexa


Meet Vivienne Alexa....

Viv is our local go-to Holistic Health Coach, providing expert knowledge on plant based nutrition and holistic health.

Viv is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, holds a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from e-Cornell and is currently studying a degree in Nutritional Therapy. She is also the co-founder of Plantier and co-author of From Plant To Planet.

Viv loves helping clients discover ways to live, move and eat more consciously, bringing them health and happiness now, and in the future. She takes a 360 approach to health and believes that it is truly personal and works with clients to make small sustainable changes (that they love!) to achieve long-term transformation.

She has experienced first hand just how much impact our lifestyle has on our health. For years, she suffered with terrible tonsillitis, hives, inflammation and fatigue, but because they were intermittent, she just put up with them.

After trialling what felt like every diet, she eventually identified that she is severely intolerant to dairy and eggs.

She discovered the wealth of benefits a whole food plant-based diet offers the body, mind and the environment and believes in going back to basics and that what’s good for us is good for the planet.

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