Understanding Yourself and Others with the The Enneagram

5 Module course on Wednesdays, 6.00 pm - 8.30pm

19th January, 16th February, 23rd March, 27th April and 18th May

Take some time for some self reflection and learn about the Enneagram with local coach Michelle Johansen. She will bring the wisdom of the Enneagram to you in a small group of like-minded people, helping you to better understand yourself and the other people in your life. 

Michelle explains that this course is for anyone who:

  • would like to grow as a person and improve their mental health and wellbeing
  • has repeating patters of behaviour but doesn't know quite what's driving them
  • would like to manage people with greater ease and more impactful results
  • has a partner / teenager / parent / co-worker who is testing them to breaking point!

Interested? Register here for the course. It costs £250, but there's a 10% discount for The List subscribers with the Coupon code “TheList”

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