Hope Singers

Tuesday evenings at 6.30pm

Vale Church

The Hope Singers is Guernsey Mind's all inclusive community choir.  And the good news is that you don’t need to have the voice of an angel to join, it's a supportive and safe space for locals to connect and enjoy their love of music and signing. Everyone is welcome to join in - no audition necessary!  

Singing is good for the soul.  It’s a fact, Gareth Malone says so!  Whether you’re in the car signing along at the top of your voice or singing as part of an organised group, belt it out and feel those endorphins cruise through your body.  

If we haven't convinced you yet, this fun fact just might - singing releases the same feel good chemicals as sex and chocolate! 

Contact: email Amanda if you're interested:  amanda.hibbs@guernseymind.org.gg


Girls Singing