Christmas Gifts For The Wellness Obsessive


This article contains paid product placements and affiliate links, but all products featured are approved and loved by us.


Yoga Class Passes. £57 for 6 or £90 for 10, All About Yoga.

Give the gift of the wellbeing hobby with class pass vouchers for yoga. It's a gift to last a lifetime. 

The Blue Zones Secrets for Living Longer: Lessons From the Healthiest Places on Earth. £16.99.

From the popular Netflix series with longevity secrets from the areas of the world with the most centarians. Fascinating - and yet so simple.

NEOM Wellbeing Pod Mini Essential Oil Diffuser. £55, Plaisirs.

It's all about ambiance and the scent of a room can change everything. This is a mini version of the popular diffuser. Ideal for gifting.

The List x Ems Le Tocq Weekly Wellness Planner, £16. Ems Le Tocq.

Still popular, our weekly wellness planners remnd you to get you sh*t done and put yourself on your To Do list.

One Line A Day - Five Year Memory Book. £14.99, Maison Demain.

A moment of daily gratitude is a huge gift for a tiny price.

Infrared Heat Lamp. £40, Beurer.

A huge wellness secret, starting to trend into the mainstream. Brilliant for home use for sore muscles and general wellbeing.

Flourite Hearts. Lucy Rose Jewellery.

Never be without a crystal - it's our new mantra. This is perfect for keeping with you on the go. Flourite is good for calmness and clarity.


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