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If you've always dreamed of starting your own business and you're looking for some inspiration, look no further! Sarah, founder of The Wanderlust Collection, returned from a dream holiday with a notebook full of ideas and jumped right in at the deep end. She resigned from her job and with just a few bags on order and a creative friend by her side - who she paid with the promise of food - the wonderful Wanderlust Collection was born.  

Sarah tells us how she made it happen... in a list, of course!


Wanderlust Bali Sarah 2


How It All Began

The Wanderlust Collection began in 2019 after being inspired by a fabulous trip to Bali. I had had an idea to run my own business for some time and when I was in Bali several people asked me to bring back a bag that I had posted on my Instagram. I met up with a supplier there, ordered several bags to be made and The Wanderlust Collection was born.


What's in The Collection? 

I try to aim for what I refer to as "affordable touches of luxury" - good quality, desirable items that won't break the bank. All of the things I choose are things I would like myself. I'm often asked what my favourite product is and obviously I love everything, so this is a tricky question! However, my current favourite has to be our very glamorous embellished slippers. I wore my own pair to a recent 30th Birthday party - sparkly, comfy and great for dancing in!

 - Word of Warning from the editorSarah, we think your adorable pooch (below!) might have his eye on your slippers too, keep them in a safe place!


Wanderlust Dog 1     Wanderlust Slipper


Highlights, Challenges and Giving Back

One of the best bits on my business journey so far has been organising a dinner with 14 other small businesses who have supported me from the start - collaboration at its best. Networking with other small businesses is something I feel strongly about - it advantages everyone.

The challenges? Designing and setting up my own website in lockdown was tough and crazy, but also exciting.

As for giving back, I have been on Young Business Group Council for six years as their social secretary - no surprise there then! - and I will always support Bridge 2 and the work that Sarah Griffith does. She is an inspiration and helps people in the most unimaginable circumstances. Her ability to deal with such harrowing situations is commendable.


Celebrating Local Life

How do I celebrate local life? Anyone who knows me is aware that I am a self-confessed foodie. Any excuse to organise dinner out with friends and I jump at the chance... maybe we need a meeting at Octopus? (Editor's note: we will see you there!)


The List Loves...

At The List we love getting out and about, and these straw baskets are ideal to carry all of our bits and pieces on a trip to the beach for our summer staycation!



Wanderlust Straw Basket



Head over to The Wanderlust Collection to discover your own summer favourites!




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