5 Simple Morning Practices To Set Your Day Up For Success


How do you start your day? If it usually includes snoozing your alarm or scrolling on your phone, it’s time to rethink those precious early morning minutes and embrace some of these simple practices to get your day off to the best possible start. 

Early morning is such a special time, especially at this time of  year when the mornings are getting lighter. The day ahead, even if it’s a busy one, is full of possibilities. So step away from your phone and try out a few of these quick and easy new habits to elevate your morning routine and set you up for the day.



1.  Start The Day With Gratitude.

Expressing gratitude is a simple way to start your day with a positive state of mind, by reflecting on what you have to be grateful for in your life. Taking just a few minutes when you wake up to quietly think about the positive things in your life helps to focus your energy on all that you have rather than what you don’t have, starting the day off with an abundance mindset. Combine It with a few minutes of meditation


2.  Take A Moment To Hydrate.

After six to eight hours of sleep your body is ready to re-hydrate, so start your day by drinking a glass of water first thing. It’s a good way to help your body start the process of flushing out toxins and getting your metabolism started. Some people swear by a glass of warm water with lemon, for others it’s a cool clear glass of tap water. We say, go with whatever works best for you. Just as long as you do it. 


3.  Connect With Nature.

Early morning is the ideal time to enjoy a few minutes of quiet headspace to clear your mind and connect with nature. Simply stepping outside, either for a walk or to simply enjoy a few sips of your morning coffee, really can instill a sense of peace and stillness , setting you up for the day ahead.  That fresh blast of fresh air is combined with the relaxing sounds of nature, before all of the man-made background noise takes hold. 


4.  Stretch It Out.

Making time to fit in a few simple stretches first thing in the morning helps to loosen your muscles after a night lying in bed and gets your circulation flowing, preparing your body physically for the day ahead. We’re fans of the 10 minute morning session from Yoga with Adriene, but she offers free online sessions of different lengths and levels so you an find the right one for you.


5.  Try Journalling.

If you wake up with a million things on your mind and need some headspace to be creative in your day, then the wellbeing journalling practice of Morning Pages could be the answer. As the name suggests, it's a practice best done first thing in the morning, before you have time to get distracted and whilst the thoughts you wake up with are still fresh in your mind. This is something our co-founder Stefanie swears by for productivity, clarity and calm in her life.

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