10 Quick Self Care Ideas to Help You De-Stress


A gentle reminder to check-in with yourself today. Taking time for yourself and making your wellbeing a priority can help to feel better any day of the year, but especially so during these difficult times, so try some of these quick and easy self care ideas today to reduce your stress levels and live life well.




1. Reach Out

Human beings crave connection, both physical and emotional. If you can, give someone a hug. If you are living on your own, connect over the phone or reach out online for some virtual hugs with family and friends.


2. Take a Moment

Sit quietly for 10 minutes and take time to enjoy your morning coffee, it will set you up for the day. This is something we make a huge priority for ourselves here at The List.


3. Breathe

Take a deep breath… then another… and another…. and keep going until you feel less stressed. Most of us don't use our full breath. Breathe deep and slow to calm your system down.


4. Get Outside

Get some fresh air.  Use your daily exercise time to take a gentle stroll or a brisk walk. Being outdoors can help you to reconnect with nature and reduce your stress levels.


5. Say No

It can be hard to manage your work-life balance when you're working from home.  If your workload is adding to your stress levels, speak to your boss... maybe it's ok to say 'no' to the extra hours and additional responsibilities during lockdown.


6. Create a Spa Feel at Home

Create your own sanctuary and Escape At Home. Light a scented candle, put on some music and relax in the tub with some luxurious bath salts or bubbles. Indulgent? Yes. Necessary? Yes.


7. Pick up the Phone

Nope. we don't mean 'device'. Don't start scrolling. Call someone. Connecting with family and friends can help us to relax and relieve stress by talking things through or simply by having a good laugh.


8. Spend Time with Your Pet

Research from Washington State University shows that as little as 10 minutes playing with a cat or dog can lower stress levels. Don't have one?  Search out cute animals online. Research by the University of Leeds shows that just watching cute animals can reduce your stress and anxiety levels.


9. Treat Yourself

It's time to appreciate the little things - light a luxury candle, buy a new book or cook something special for dinner tonight.


10. And Finally... Smile! 

Research has shown that smiling can reduce your heart rate and help you de-stress, even if you’re faking it! It won’t make your problems go away, but for those short-term stressors, such as sitting in traffic queues, worrying about being late - smiling really can make you feel a little bit better. So start practicing your smile for your next zoom call. Smiling is contagious, right?


If your stress levels are drastically affecting your health or your day to day life and you feel that you cannot control them, then please make sure that you reach out to a professional. It's important to ask for help.

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