5 Reasons to Exercise That Aren’t Losing Weight


We’re not ones to give into diet culture here at The List. There’s enough of that out there on the internet without us adding to the pile. But we do encourage living life well and a lot of that involves staying healthy and including a little movement in your daily life. So whether you like to head out for a walk, jog around the lanes or join a weekly yoga or workout class, then here are some nudges of motivation that aren't purely about dropping the pounds.


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1. It’s Good For Your Health

Shocker, right? Exercise is good for you. Regular exercise is not only good for your heart, but it has even been proven to prevent diseases such as diabetes. It also strengthens your immune system and balances out your hormone levels. So many good reasons to pop out for a walk on a regular basis, don't you think?


2. It’s Great For Your Mind

Exercise not only relieves stress in the moment (we all love to get out to clear our heads), it also makes a big difference over time to your mental wellbeing generally. Studies have shown that stress and anxiety levels have been proven to be lower in those who regularly partake in physical activity. Not to mention, you will get a boost of endorphins and a sense of accomplishment that will make you feel more confident in yourself.


3. It Helps You To Sleep Better

Firstly, the more active you are, the better you sleep - because you're more tired! Go figure. But also, regular exercise has also been shown to reset your circadian rhythm, which tells your body it needs to sleep. (It’s true - we googled it!)


4. It Builds & Maintains Muscle

The muscle that you build when exercising is important for your body as you age (at any age by the way!) This is particularly important as we lose muscle mass as we get older, which means that we do need to strength train in order to maintain body muscle. The stronger we are and the more muscle we have, the less prone to injury we are in our daily lives. As a plus, your bones will also get stronger too. FACTS.


5. It Improves Your Energy Levels & Productivity

Getting better sleep and having a healthier heart, mind and body will give you more energy, which will also make you more productive. A recent study by Leeds Metropolitan University showed that people had “better time management, were more productive, and were more resilient and tolerant to co-workers” after exercising. That’s always a plus - and great news for those of us who think we don't have time to exercise, as clearly we will be more productive if we do make that time, which will also lead to a better work-life balance too! It's a win win.

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