10 Things We've Learnt Over The Past Year


It’s been a year! Literally. The List Guernsey is one year old! We’ve taken a moment to reflect on what we have achieved and learnt over the past year and in true List-style, we've got a list for you.



1.  Just Do It

It can be so easy to get caught up in the idea of something and then continue to tweak it until it is perfect, or to wait until the perfect time. We know there is no perfect time. And there is no perfect. So just do it. Done is always better than perfect anyway.


2.  Walking Meetings Are The Way Forward

This is how it all started for us. A walk around Candie Gardens and Cambridge Park followed by a glass of wine, by which point we had decided we were on to something! There’s less wine these days, but we still meet up regularly to talk through new ideas, plan articles… and of course, have a general gossip and a catch up!



3.  If You Don't Ask, You Don't Get

There have been times when we thought we had no chance of securing a partner or being ready for a certain step. But we decided to go for it anyway and were often surprised when we got an enthusiastic 'yes!' in return!


4.  It's OK To Hit Pause

Live Life Well is our mantra, and sometimes you need to practice what you preach. That’s where we found ourselves at the start of the summer - so much had happened, we needed to catch our breath - so we went offline for the month of August! The sky did not fall in… let’s face it, many of you were probably too busy on the beach to even notice! We took a step back and took some time off, and we came back stronger for it. And we'll probably do it again.


5.  Sometimes You Have To Say No

As a new business it’s easy to feel that you have to please everyone and be grateful for all of the opportunities that come your way… but if they are taking you in the wrong direction, sometimes you just have to say no. We’ve had to take a step back on a few occasions and figure out whether the proposal that has landed really ties in with our core values. And sometimes that means saying No, thank you. It’s tough to turn down people, to turn down money... The easy option is to scoop up everything that comes our way - but that’s not why we started The List. It’s got to feel right. If it doesn't, it’s not for us. It's as simple as that.


6.  Know Your Limitations

It was obvious to us from the start that we would need help to create The List… lots of it! We decided early on that we should realise our limitations and reach out for help when we need it. Whether that’s technical support, legal advice, design expertise or expert opinions on editorial content, we’re happy to accept that we don't know it all and we will gladly reach out for help.



7.  Honesty Is The Best Policy

It’s good to talk, and it's ok to have different opinions... in fact, it's essential. We don't always agree (obviously!) and we don't always like each others' ideas - it's very rare to be honest, but it happens. But we made a pact very early on to be honest with each other and it has helped us so much to move through things quickly and not take anything personally.


8.  It's Good To Push Yourself

We've tried to embrace all of the new challenges that have come our way. Some we expected. We knew that juggling family life, existing work commitments and a start up would be challenging at times, and we've tried to maintain the balance. But some pressures have taken us by surprise and we've had to learn new skills and step out of our comfort zone at times. Saying 'no' isn't easy for a people pleaser and sometimes sharing your thoughts and opinions publically leaves you feeling a little exposed - but at the end of the day we believe in the values behind the brand so we'll keep on rising to the challenges... for as long as you want to hear what we have to say, we'll continue to push ourselves and deliver the quality content you've come to expect from The List.


9.  Two Heads Are Better Than One

Working together brings balance to The List. We individually bring different skills, a range of knowledge and a variety of experience that helps us to identify with a broad, cross-generational, local audience. We’re not competing and not scoring points. We work together and complement each other. We keep each other going. Having a partner means it’s ok to have an off day, a family day, a duvet day, a holiday...  there’s someone else there to pick up the pieces and keep things ticking over when life gets in the way!



10.  Celebrate Every Little Win

We blinked and we're here. Where has the past year gone?! And what a year! We can't believe we've come so far in such a short time. We truly believe we have created something special, and we are grateful that you've come along for the ride. We are thankful for every subscription, comment, like, share... the list goes on! We're also extremely grateful to everyone who has partnered with us, written for us and generally supported us with kind words of encouragement over the past 12 months... so grateful in fact that we decided to throw a birthday party to celebrate with fizz and canapes and a fabulous group of people at Red Cocktail Bar last week. Take a look at the photos here.


Thank you to all who have supported us over the last year. Here's to the next one - and beyond!

Tracey & Stef

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