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60+ Defibrillator Locations Across The Bailiwick


This is the list we hope you never have to use, but it's a sad fact that a cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, at any time. Defibrillators save lives, so lets be prepared! 

Advice from the British Heart Foundation states that if someone is having a cardiac arrest you should call 999, start CPR - St John Ambulance has advice on how to do CPR - and then ask someone to bring a defibrillator. There’s no need for special training to use a defibrillator, the instructions are clearly explained to you when you turn it on.

So, where are the Bailiwick’s defibrillators located?  




The emergency services are equipped with defibrillators of course, and there are defibrillators positioned at medical and healthcare facilities across the islands. 

But there are also many Public Access Defibrillators for emergency situations that can be used by anyone. The Cardiac Action Group here in Guernsey has a map showing the spots, and we’ve put the locations into a handy list for you…



1.  Football Club

2.  Harbour

3.  Lloyds Bank, Victoria Street

4.  States Office

5.  Tourist Information Centre



1.  Herm Shop

2.  Herm Village at the top of the hill



1.  La Maseline Harbour

2.  Tourism and Visitor Centre



1.  Blanchelande College

2.  Capelles Community Centre

3.  Co-op Grand Marche St Martins

4.  Co-op Grand Marche St Sampson

5.  Co-op Locale Longstore

6.  Co-op Locale Market Building, Market Square

7.  Co-op Locale Vazon

8.  Cobo Community Centre

9.  Delancey Park

10. Elizabeth College Sports Field, Kings Road

11. Footes Lane Sports Stadium

12. Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre

13. Guernsey Yacht Club

14. Highway and Traffic Department, Bulwer Avenue

15. Jerbourg Car Park

16. KGV Club House

17. KGV Players entrance site

18. L’Eree Public Toilets

19. L’lslet Salvation Army

20. La Coutanchez Campus

21. La Mare de Carteret School

22. La Vallette Bathing Pools

23. La Villette Garage

24. Les Beaucamp School

25. Milton Produce, Route de St André, St Andrews

26. Northside, St Sampson

27. Pembroke Bay, L’Ancresse

28. Polar Offices, Garenne Park

29. Portelet Kiosk

30. Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts

31. Rangers Football Club, Route de St André, St Andrews

32. Ravenscroft Offices, New Street, St Peter Port.

33. Raymond Falla House, Longue Rue, St Martin

34. Richmond Kiosk

35. Rosaire Court, Rosaire Avenue, St Peter Port

36. Rovers Athletics Ground, Port Soif

37. Saumarez Park playground

38. Scout Headquarters, Rue Mainguy, Vale

39. Sir Charles Frossard House, La Charotterie

40. St James Concert and Assembly Hall

41. St Paul Methodist Church

42. St Peter Port Harbour, Inter-Island Quay

43. St Sampsons Douzaine Rooms

44. St Sampsons School

45. St Saviour Community Centre

46. St Stephens Community Centre,

47. Styx Community Centre

47. The Last Post

48. The Pollet, no. 37

50. The Robin Roussel Pavillion, Memorial Playing Fields, Footes Lane

51. The Rockmount, Cobo

52. Torteval Church Hall

53. Town Church, in a converted phone box

54. Turing House, La Gibauderie

55. Vale Douzaine Room, Maraitaine Road, Vale

56. Vistas Beach Café, Vazon


Did you know that the Cardiac Action Group offers free training sessions on CPR and defibrillator familiarisation?  If you run a community group, work in a school or would like your staff in the workplace to have the benefit of this training.  Get in touch, it could literally help you to save a life!


This list was compiled in June 2021, based primarily on information supplied by the Cardiac Action Group


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