5 Tips For Glowing, Natural Skin This Summer

Natural, glowing skin was one of the big trend predictions of 2021, with calls for skinimalism and natural beauty replacing full cover matt foundation and the smokey-eyed look of days gone by. Considering most of the world has been home for months, it makes sense. But regardless of that, we love the idea of embracing the beauty we all have naturally. When it comes to summer beauty, we’re ready to embrace natural skin textures and to show our summer skin at its best.

Here are a few tips to get glowing skin this summer.


Natural Skincare


1.  Start With The Basics

If you’re looking for glowing skin, you need to start with the basics. And they don't come in a potion. Sometimes we fall out of habits that are good for us and need a nudge to get back on track. Well, consider this your nudge to drink more water and eat a whole range of different coloured foods to help your body stay hydrated and stock up on the vitamins and minerals you need to thrive. Make sure you get enough sleep too… your body is hard at work repairing skin tissue while you sleep, let it do this without interruptions and your skin will naturally feel and look better for it.


2.  Treat Yourself To A Facial

If you’re used to wearing a lot of makeup all year round, it can be a daunting thought to strip back to a more minimal look. Give your skin the best start by booking in for a facial at one of the many fabulous spas and beauty rooms we have dotted around the island (list to come!). You’ll benefit from all of the rejuvenating steps of a luxury treatment with quality products chosen to meet the needs of your skin professionally applied by a trained therapist. Most facials include a deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage and moisturising treatment, all chosen to meet your skin's exact needs. It's the perfect place to start. It’s also just a lovely way to relax and be pampered… we’re all for that!


3.  Be Kind To Your Body

We all know that what we put into our bodies should be as healthy and chemical free as possible, but that should apply to what we apply onto our bodies too. The skin is our largest organ and it is very absorbent, so be sure take a look at the label on your skincare products going forward and ask yourself “would I eat this?” If the answer is ‘no way!’ then maybe you should reconsider applying it to your skin. We’re fans of coconut oil for an many reasons. It’s a great natural skincare product to use all over your body to provide moisture and help you achieve that summer glow.


4.  Ask The Experts

Many of us stick with the same products for years, so switching it up and moving to a lighter coverage for the summer can also be a bit daunting.  The industry is consistently evolving and it's easy find yourself confused. What’s the difference between a BB cream and a CC cream… and what exactly is a serum skin tint?! Should I use a concealer or a glow stick, and do I need a primer? It’s a minefield! That’s where it’s good to have experts on hand to give advice that’s specific to your skin needs, and we’re so lucky to have so many of them in Guernsey who offer face to face consultations and can help you to choose the best products for your skin. Next time you’re in town, pop in to Creaseys, All Beautyor Feel Unique and ask one of their trained beauty consultants for some advice… you may even come away with a few samples to try at home.


5.  Invest In Quality Products

We know that going makeup free isn’t for everyone, but there are so many great products on the market that you can make them work for you to reduce the amount of makeup you use and work with your natural skin. The key is to choose quality products that hydrate and illuminate your skin, and give you the confidence to embrace a lighter summer look. And by quality we don’t necessarily mean expensive. Just keep an eye on ingredients lists. Less is more, so out with the harsh chemicals. Choose products with more natural ingredients, and brands which have sun protection built-in to protect your skin in the summer months.


Happy Glowing!


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