Thinking of Starting a Side Hustle or Taking Your Small Biz to the Next Level? These Books Are For You.

Whether you’re looking to make some passive income, launch your own brand or take your side hustle to the next level, you’ll find empowering and practical advice to help you see past the pitfalls and grow your business with this list from our friends at the library.



1.  Make Money Online by Lisa Johnson.

Business strategist, entrepreneur, #1 podcaster and global speaker Lisa Johnson is here to guide you through the world of passive income. No complicated plans or tech troubles; just a simple step-by-step approach using Lisa's simple system to earn money either as a side hustle or as your main business, without ever trading time for money.

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2.  The Straightforward Business Plan by John McCormack.

As the economic climate gets tougher, the importance of creating a successful and effective business plan is that much greater. The book will prove invaluable to all those who are involved in setting up a business, whether small or medium size.

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3.  Partnering: Forge The Deep Connections That Make Great Things Happen by Jean Oelwang.

Jean Oelwang, founding CEO and Trustee of Virgin Unite, has interviewed over 60 business and life partnerships, revealing how to nurture relationships with depth and purpose. In this book she unpicks the values that connect great partners, offering practical tools for staying in sync, disagreeing respectfully and a blueprint for expanding small partnerships into large-scale collaborations.

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4.  Launching & Building a Brand (Dummies Guide) by Amy Will.

Amy Will, who launched her first business at just 24-years-old, has been the brains behind four strong and buzzworthy brands. In this book she covers everything from crafting a powerful brand identity and planning that all-important launch to being prepared to scale up as you begin to take off. She reveals crucial lessons from her personal experience in launching five companies, as well as detailing case studies from some of the strongest brands out there, accompanied by insights and advice from successful founders and branding experts.

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5.  The Career Change Guide by Rachel Schofield.

One of The Telegraph’s best self help books of 2023. This empowering, practical guide takes the confusion, fear and indecision out of career change. Whether making small adjustments or life-changing moves, it provides simple, achievable steps to turn your dreams into reality.

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6.  100 Things Productive People Do by Nigel Cumberland.

Cumberland distils all the wisdom of a lifetime of coaching successful business people into 100 short chapters showing you how to boost your productivity and get things done. Explore the habits, tools, techniques and mentality of highly productive people and discover how to effortlessly take on your to-do list.

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7.   The Roadside MBA: Backroad Lessons for Entrepreneurs, Executives & Small Business Owners.

Paul Oyer, Michael Mazzeo and Scott Schaefer have taught thousands of MBAs at some of the world's leading business schools. While travelling back from an economics conference together they dropped into a shoe store in Maine and chatted to the staff - and quickly realised that the strategic problems faced by small businesses are just as rich and compelling as anything challenging Microsoft or General Electric. These three wise men decided to go in search of real-world case studies that illustrate the key lessons of an MBA. The result is a rollicking American road trip that is both a great introduction for business owners who haven't done an MBA, and an entertaining refresher for those who have.

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The library hosts a range of resources for those starting out in business, learning new skills or making a career change. There are some useful collections to choose from including the Start Up series, the popular For Dummies series, a Study Skills series, and the Teach Yourself in a Week series. Browse online or pop in - the team is always welcoming and happy to help.

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