8 Things You Need To Know About The Crossbar in Guernsey

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Think you know everything there is to know about Guernsey? Been everywhere there is to go? Well, maybe not! The Crossbar Lounge Bar & Eatery is located in the new Aztech Soccer Arena at the Hougue du Pommier, and if you haven’t been yet we recommend you take a look. We can’t tell you who will win the next big match, but we can tell you that the team at the Crossbar will be ready with a warm welcome if you’d like to watch it in style on the big screen and enjoy some refreshments whilst the drama unfolds.

Here’s everything you need to know about Guernsey’s newest family venue. 



1.  It’s Got Style!

The Crossbar is a relaxed and modern family friendly venue. The contemporary decor gives it a city feel, which is complemented perfectly by the stylish lighting to deliver a warmth that makes you want to settle in and spend a few hours away from the pressures of everyday life. There are booths you can share with friends alongside diner style seating and tables where you can chat or watch the training below. 


2.  It’s Open To Everyone.

Here’s the thing. Although the Soccer Centre is a state of the art football training facility, you don’t have to play or follow football to appreciate a good cup of coffee or enjoy a relaxing dinner at the Crossbar. Of course, football fans are also welcome, so there will always be someone close by who can bring you up to speed with Guernsey FC’s current standing in the league or explain the offside rule if you need to know what that’s all about!


3.  You Can Enjoy A Coffee, Pitchside.

If, like us, you enjoy a coffee or three, then you also need to know about the Pitchside café. It’s located downstairs and is run by two pro Baristas. The ‘goal’ - pardon the pun! - is to deliver a cup of quality coffee, whether you’re on the go or looking to settle in and catch up on work emails with a bit of remote working while you’re there. Or maybe you just want to savour the coffee experience whilst you browse your favourite local online site. Yep, that’s us!



4.  You Can Try The Classics, With A Twist.

The menu fits the mood, but offers that little bit ‘extra’. The Chilli Dog is the chef’s own recipe and the crispy battered fish comes in a soft taco with a Pico De Giao salsa. We’re tempted by the sticky chicken burger with ranch dressing and a glass of Romeo and Juliet Prosecco! There’s also a selection of children’s menu favourites, so when their training is over take the pressure off and treat the kids - and yourself - to dinner, or lunch at the weekend. We love that there’s a spicy option in there too for the kids, in keeping with the grown up vibe of the venue.


5.  It’s A Great Place To Escape. 

Every soccer mum and dad knows that no matter how great your little one is on the pitch on match day, the training sessions can sometimes go on a bit - there, we’ve said it so you don’t have to! So if your little one has an after school training session, you can enjoy some much needed me-time by popping into the Crossbar for a quiet coffee and maybe a bite to eat. Take your kindle, listen to a podcast, or have a chat with the other parents and carers - the choice is yours. 


6.  Watching Sport Is Good For You.

We all know that being active is good for your mental and physical wellbeing, but a new study has confirmed what many of you may have already suspected. Watching sports is also good for your mental wellbeing, with nearly half of sports fans saying that supporting their favourite sport has boosted their mental health. So whether you’re watching the live football action on the pitch below or the World Cup Final on the big screen, do it in style with good food and friendly company at the Crossbar.



7.  It’s Accessible For All

No matter how stylish a venue is, it has to also be practical and the Crossbar has that covered. Inclusion in sport is a theme that resonates with the team, and they have made every effort to make the venue a hub that is accessible for everyone in our community. There’s plenty of parking, a lift to access the restaurant and there are accessible toilet facilities, making it easy for everyone to enjoy the venue. 


8.  You’re Never Too Old To Play!

And last but by no means least, you’re never too old to play! We’ll leave it to you to decide whether you play in person with an Aztech Membership or virtually in the games booth. Yes, that’s right - there’s also a games booth where you can eat and drink while you play VR games. And no, we don’t just mean the kids - VR games are fun for all ages. If you haven’t tried it already, this is definitely something to put on your To-You list!


And Here's A Bonus Mini-List for Christmas...

if you're wondering what to gift the football fan in your life this Christmas, here is a bonus mini-list from Aztech

Why not treat them to:

1.  A One-To-One Focus session with Ross Allen, offering a unique development opportunity with one of Guernsey's most talented footballers.

2.  A One-To-One Goalkeeper session, for a tailored private session with FA qualified goalkeeper coach Jordan Kelly.

3.  A Membership package, which comes with a range of access opportunities and benefits.

4.  A Tech Zone Player Pass, for either a single session or access for one month.

Get in touch with the team at Aztech to find out more.



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