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The Many Faces of Guernsey's CVC


Meet Mark Robinson, he is part of the Agilisys team providing IT support at Guernsey's Covid Vaccination Centre.  We asked Mark to tell us a bit about himself and to share his thoughts on working with on the CVC project and living in Guernsey through the pandemic... of course, we put it in a List!

Here's what Mark had to say...


CVC Mark Robinson


1.  My role at the CVC

I work for Agilisys, the States of Guernsey's IT Partner, helping to design and support the IT system built to administer the Community Vaccination Programme.  Our involvement ranges from the initial invitation letters being generated to the recording and delivery of the vaccination.

As the vaccination programme has settled into a steady rhythm I have largely returned to my day on a number of other large projects in support of Public Service Transformation.


2.  Why I do this type of work

Projects like the vaccination programme are a real demonstration of using technology to meet a practical outcome. It is a positive and affirming project to be involved in against the backdrop of the pandemic. The day the centre opened having unexpectedly gone back into lockdown once again actually felt hugely positive, like we were finally fighting back. Being a small part of a project that will benefit the community epitomises Public Service.


3.  A bit about me

I was born in the UK and met my wife, who is a Guernsey girl, while she was training to be a nurse and I was in the Royal Navy. We relocated to the Island in 1989 to get married and subsequently raise a family here.


4.  Life over the past year

Like so many I have missed relatives and friends in the UK, who I would normally see and enjoy spending time with, and sadly my daughter's wedding had to be postponed.  But I am so encouraged by our human ability to rapidly adapt and get on with it.

At the start of the year there was no prospect according to experts of a vaccine being available for years. And here we are a year later in a much better place, locally at least. Clearly there's a long way to go but as the vaccination programme shows, along with adherence to advice when needed, there is a way through it and I feel hopeful and optimistic for the future that we will continue to adapt to lead as near normal lives as possible.


5.  What I love about Guernsey

It is a naturally beautiful Island - the cliffs and coast being the jewel in the crown. Despite perceptions to the contrary, working here is no less frantic than anywhere else. But being able to finish work and half an hour later being able to set off in my kayak is special and makes me appreciate the environment in which I live.

The pandemic has demonstrated that small communities when they pull together can box above their weight. Everyone who lives here will know someone directly or indirectly who works in health and social care and that makes a difference when adhering to the lockdown rules or participating in the vaccination programme. It makes it real.


6.  My thoughts

One memory that sticks with me is the attitude of the nurses, working long shifts in difficult circumstances, be that at the vaccination centre or in the testing tent on a cold winters night when I was being swabbed. Never are they miserable and always caring and re assuring.

An elderly lady attended the centre, accompanied by her partner and clearly in a confused and distressed state. The way the nurse spoke to her and dealt with her, with respect and care was wonderful to see. The people on the front line often go unnoticed and must have all their own worries and issues to deal with, but they park these and focus on the patients like they don’t have a care in the world and deserve all the plaudits they receive. 


Thank you Mark!

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Imagery by Paul Chambers


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